Rental Box Gallery "Setagaya 233"
We are offering 180 rental boxes where you can open your own store, display your products, and sell them. The fee varies depending on the sizes of the boxes. We receive 10% of the sales price everytime an item is sold.
Some of the stores carry traditional Japanese toys, clothes, dishes, etc, that make perfect souvenirs for visitors to bring home. We also have an area where you can display your artworks for a reasonable fee. This is the perfect gallery for young and upcoming artists to get a start and show their work.
・Address : 1-11-10 Wakabayashi Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0023
・Phone : 03-5430-8539
・WEB :
・E-mail :
・Office hours : 12:00〜8:00pm
・Closed : Tuesdays & 1st and 3rd Wednesdays

!Feel free to contact us anytime.